Phone: Marie Caroline Bertoldo, présidente - 078 757 55 60
Carole Genecand vice-présidente - 076 616 36 08
Adresse: Ecole de danse : L’imprimerie – Rue Pré-Jérôme 6 – 1205 Genève

We offer free dance workshops for all : Genevan, foreigners, migrants and refugees.

At each workshop, we propose dances from differentorigins : african, greek, samba, oriental dance, hip hop etc.

After the dance, we share a potluck lunch so that we candiscover different specialties.

We also develop a special project « Youth and Dance » to promote integration of young migrants and open a spacefor exchanges with young people from Geneva. We offerregular classes and intensive workshops of body expression and creative movement in a non competitiveand caring environment.

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