Association Rinia Contact

The Association Rinia Contact (Rinia Contact Association), a community center for intercultural exchanges, has worked for many years to foster and highlight cultural diversity through a range of social and artistic projects.

The overall aim of Rinia Contact’s initiatives is to prevent community problems and reinforce social ties, specifically to recognize and valorize the connections to multiple communities and groups.

Our association offers weekly workshops throughout the year on sewing, knitting, Albanian dance, and rap. Along with this diverse range of workshops, the association engages in cross-functional projects such as:

  • freedom to love who you want to
  • organization of an intercultural intergenerational festival
  • Harmonie des Origines, or Harmony of Origins, which blends folk dance, contemporary dance, and rap


Phone: 022 344 26 90
Adresse: Rue du Vélorôme 8 1205 GENEVE

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Association Rinia Contact