Espace de rencontres “ATB”

ATB is a not-for-profit association with no religious or political affiliations that has been responding since 1991 to the needs of an adolescent and young adult population between the ages of 12 and 25. Our work is made possible thanks to our professional staff and the support of a volunteer committee. The association’s objectives:

  • Establish connections between different groups of young people of different sociocultural backgrounds, ages, nationalities, ethnicities, affiliations, and cultures
  • Encourage their embrace of diversity and solidarity
  • Develop independence and creativity in young people
  • Contribute to the physical and psychological well-being of young people
  • Help teens and young adults to become a part of a network in terms of their social, educational, or professional needs



Phone: 022 320 99 43
Adresse: Rue des Battoirs 10 1205 GENEVE

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Espace de rencontres “ATB”