The 3ChêneAccueil association has nearly 130 members and it has been working on the territory of Trois-Chêne and the surrounding area since the end of 2016. Its aim is to bring refugees and inhabitants together, and to enable them to learn from each other through several activities and services, namely:

  • Home : Friendly meals (quarterly), other activities, outings and times of sharing, “1st reception”, ie the care and guidance of asylum seekers assigned to the Canton of Geneva, since “Le Bouchet” (Hospice Général ), to their respective homes.
  • Sport : Volleyball, Running, Football
  • French classes
  • Accompaniment : Administrative assistance, housing research, letters and approaches to various authorities to improve the living conditions of migrants,
  • Various donations : (bicycles, clothes, etc.)

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Phone: 076 383 38 89 - 076 397 78 94
Adresse: Avenue de la Martinière 5, 1225 Chêne-Bourg, Suisse

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