Accueil Adultes-Enfants

Phone: 022 306 06 80
Adresse: Avenue des Libellules 12 bis, 1219 chatelaine

The Accueil adultes-enfants, or Adult-Children Welcome Center, is a place where children can learn to live and play with others, a place where our staff is trained to listen. The center is open to infants and young children from 0 to 4 in 3 differents places :

  • Châtelaine, EVE Bourquin – Avenue de Châtelaine 68, Lundi : 9h30-12h/14h-17h.
  • Libellules, Edicule – Avenue des Libellules 12bis, Mardi : 9h30-12h/14h-17 et Vendredi : 9h30-12h.
  • Vernier-Village, Jardin d’enfants – Rue du Village 57, Mercredi : 9h30-12h.

Flyer Accueil adultes enfants Libellules

Accueil Adultes-Enfants

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