Bibliothèque des Eaux-Vives

Phone: 022 418 37 70

The Bibliothèque des Eaux-Vives (the Eaux-Vives Library) makes available to its patrons books in French and other languages along with library materials on other supports. We are an active part of the neighborhood’s life and are always seeking new ties with the community and its inhabitants.

Each year we are proud to be a part of anti-racism week and offer a series of events in connection with this issue.

Working with the neighborhood’s ASP (Antenne sociale de proximité, or Local Social Outpost), we provide help with writing administrative and more personal correspondence (Ecrivain public – votre idée par sa plume, or Public Scribe – Your Idea in Writing).

We also offer for free many cultural mediation initiatives throughout the year, including events with authors and publishers, writing competitions and workshops, film screenings, talks on social issues, concerts featuring traditional French popular songs and music, poetry-based shows and theater.

Bibliothèque des Eaux-Vives