Centre sportif de Vessy

Phone: 022 418 48 70
Adresse: Centre Sportif de Vessy, Route de Vessy, Vessy, Suisse

The Vessy Sports Center is part of the range of sports venues the city has to offer. Located along the Arve River not far from the Bout-du-Monde Sports Center, this complex is equipped with various fields and courts for outdoor team sports. The Vessy Sports Center is open to both the public and sports clubs.

The Sports Center’s facilities

The Vessy complex has various training and competition-grade football fields. At the center of the site lies a multipurpose zone of natural turf for both baseball and Frisbee games. Next to the multipurpose zone there is a space with four beach volleyball courts.

The particularity of this sports center is that it has a competition-grade rugby and American football field. In addition, ten competition-grade tennis courts complete the range of facilities on offer. Finally a 7.7 km- and 11.7 km-cross-country running trail is laid out along the banks of the Arve as far as Veyrier woods, marking the limits of the sports center.

Centre sportif de Vessy