Fondation suisse du service social international – SSI

Phone: 022 731 67 00
Adresse: Rue du Valais 9, Genève, Suisse

Do you need legal help with submitting a request for reuniting and resettling your family, obtaining a residency permit, writing an appeal or some other demand? We are here to help you!

Has your request been refused and you have to leave Switzerland for another European country (according to the Dublin III Regulation)? We will keep you updated and will provide you with support during this new phase.

Do you want to return to your country of origin and start a business? Tell us about your project. We may be able to provide some support and help you make your idea a reality! (See the conditions listed on our site.)


Unaccompanied minors
You are less than 18 years old and arrived alone in Geneva, and you need legal help? Contact us right away! We can provide you with support in your legal and administrative procedures and help you find your family.

Do you need help and advice for your schooling or job training? Together with you and with other partners we can look for solutions.


Fondation suisse du service social international – SSI

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