Jardin Robinson de Meyrin

With its lush green surroundings and Hobbit house, the Association du Jardin Robinson of Meyrin (the Robinson Crusoe Garden Association of Meyrin), founded by a group of parents in the 1970s, offers a play space reserved for kids ages 6 to 12 (whose parents are living or working in Meyrin) based on the principle of open-door entry. The Association offers kids the chance to move about and grow at their own pace in a setting that is favorable to their development while preserving the integrity of every child. The Jardin Robinson has a range of kids’ activities that goes from playing board games and caring for farm animals and house pets to building wooden huts and cultivating a small plot of land.


Phone: 022 782 67 85
Adresse: Rue de Livron 35, 1217 Meyrin, Suisse

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Jardin Robinson de Meyrin

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