Jardin Robinson du Lignon

The Jardin Robinson of Lignon (the Robinson Crusoe Garden of Lignon) is a place where children can meet and play with others and engage in various organized activities, allowing them to experience interacting with their peers and discover new games and pastimes that they can do in their own free time.

Through these activities children can freely absorb both technical and behavioral skills that foster their awareness and self-fulfillment. A single registration fee of 10 FCH gives a child access to the center during opening hours whenever she or he wants to and without prior notice. What is unique about the Jardin Robinson of Lignon is its grounds, which offer kids an oasis of green between the countryside and the urban development of Lignon.

Here kids can discover and build special connections with many animals, including ponies, goats, rabbits, turtles, etc., in the hope that later they will feel the urge to protect nature and all its inhabitants.


Phone: 022 796 70 66
Adresse: Place du Lignon 26 1219 LE LIGNON

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Jardin Robinson du Lignon