Mairie de Thônex (Service de la cohésion sociale)

Phone: 022 869 39 70
Adresse: Chemin du Bois-des-Arts 58, Thônex, Suisse

The Service de la cohésion sociale (Department of Social Cohesion) serves all of Thônex’s inhabitants, providing them help with certain administrative procedures and paperwork and, if need be, directing them to other appropriate departments.

Our department also provides specific financial aid in particular situations and if the Centre d’Action Sociale des Trois-Chêne  (the Center for Social Action of Les Trois-Chêne) is unable or unauthorized to act.

The following services are available under certain conditions:

  • occasional allowances
  • monthly allowances
  • allocation of AVS/AI/APG benefits
  • educational holidays and summer camp

Mairie de Thônex (Service de la cohésion sociale)