Maison Citoyenne de Meyrin

Adresse: Rue de la Prulay 2BIS, 1217 Meyrin, Suisse (à l'intérieur de Gilbert-Centre)

Would you like to meet other people living in the neighborhood, get information on life in Meyrin, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in a friendly place? We would be happy to serve you during the work week at the Maison citoyenne of Meyrin (Meyrin’s Citizen House).

If you want to do some project in Meyrin, you should have a word with us. We might be able to help.

And there is a computer room at your disposal if you need to use a computer or access the internet.

We also organize activities like:

  • Community meals open to all, prepared by residents of Meyrin, every third Tuesday of the month
  • Paroles de Quartier (Neighborhood Words): a place where someone will listen, where you can talk and share with others, every third Tuesday of the month at the Maison citoyenne. The complete program can be downloaded here
  • Welcome and orientation for living in Meyrin. Do you have questions about life in Meyrin, Geneva, or Switzerland? Have you just settled here? Come out and get to know us over a cup of coffee Wednesday afternoons

Maison Citoyenne de Meyrin