Centre sportif des Evaux

Phone: 022 879 85 85
Adresse: Centre sportif des evaux

The Evaux Sports Center includes numerous outdoor sports fields:

  • 2 training football fields and 2 competition football fields
  • 1 athletics stadium
  • 13 competition-grade tennis courts
  • 3 beach volleyball courts
  • 10 pétanque courts
  • 1 skateboard ramp
  • 1 18-hole disc (Frisbee) golf course

What sets Evaux apart is its scenic setting along the Rhône. The site is also accessible by bicycle via a bikeway. Inside the center, footpaths connect all of the installations.

Open to the public: athletics, tennis, table tennis, pétanque, Frisbee, beach volleyball, skateboard, jogging.

Centre sportif des Evaux

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