Consultation physio migrants – HUG

Phone: 022 388 34 70
Schedule: lu-ve 08h00-12h00 / 13h00-17h00
Adresse: Rue des Caroubiers 25 1227 Carouge Ge Genève

The immigrant health program is part of the primary care service of HUG (Geneva University Hospitals). It is the main partner of the asylum health network, the health care network for asylum seekers under the care of the Hospice général.

If you are an asylum seeker or you have been involved in the asylum process, you can make use of these benefits regardless of your legal status, whether N asylum seeker, provisional admission, statutory refugee, request denied, non-consideration (NEM)…

Medical consultations:

Our approach to medical care and treatment emphasizes working within a network and integrating any intercultural and psychosocial dimensions.

You can have an interpreter with you during any consultation.

Nurses from this department are also available for consultations in the Hospice général’s main immigration and asylum centers.




Consultation physio migrants – HUG