Point info-services des Pâquis

Phone: 0800 44 77 00 (n°gratuit)
Adresse: Rue Jean-Antoine-Gautier 18, Genève, Suisse

As places where anyone can find a willing ear or help with navigating official agencies, the Points info-services of the City of Geneva are open to all free of charge. The initiatives of the various Points info-services in their neighborhoods reinforce the city’s efforts at integration and “living together.” If

  • you are looking for information: do you want to learn about the leisure activities that are available for your kids or participate more fully in the life of your neighborhood? You can find here information on a broad range of social, health, educational and cultural matters.
  • you need help with your administrative procedures and paperwork: having a hard time understanding or filling out official paperwork? You can get here explanations and help.
  • you have specific needs: you will be directed to the appropriate agency among our partners.

Point info-services des Pâquis

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