Réseau des pédiatres genevois – RPG

As part of the general trend in health policy, Geneva’s pediatricians decided to come together to create a network. That network was officially formed in June of 2011 and comprises 91 pediatricians today.

The aim of our network has been to offer insured children ages 0 to 18 and insurance plans an alternative that makes it possible to save money on the services provided, promote preventive medicine (obesity, perinatal care, classes for parents, etc.), and optimize the quality of doctors’ continuing training.

Click here for the list of pediatricians by location:  http://www.rpge.ch/rpgech/index.php/fr/pediatres


Phone: 022 341 41 46
Adresse: Route de Vernier 205, Vernier, Suisse

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Réseau des pédiatres genevois – RPG

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