Société Genevoise de Pédiatrie – SGP

Adresse: Genève, Suisse

The Société Genevoise de Pédiatrie (the Geneva Pediatrics Society – SGP) is an association of pediatricians who have an independent practice in Geneva. All of the association’s members are also part of the Association des Médecins de Genève (Doctors Association of Geneva – AMG).

All the pediatricians of SGP have a certification in pediatrics from the Fédération des médecins suisses (Fœderatio Medicorum Helveticorum – FMH).

The member pediatricians of our association are fully committed to:

  • ensuring a practice that respects the scientific and ethical codes in force
  • helping to improve the health of children through social and preventive initiatives
  • practicing family medicine, from birth to 18 years of age
  • helping to make emergency care available overnight, weekends, and holidays
  • pursuing continuing training as required by the recognition of their title as specialists in pediatric medicine
  • remaining conscious of cost-control efforts while defending the members’ professional and economic interests
  • working in a spirit of collaboration and respect for the profession’s code of ethics

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Société Genevoise de Pédiatrie – SGP

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