Are there any mobile applications about health ?



The “Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève” (HUG) have developped mobile applications in french  to answer various medical questions:


The University of Geneva has developped three mobile applications to help quit smoking, alcohol use and cannabis use.

The “InfoKids” application offers the following services :

  • Tips on the attitude you should adopt when confronted with the childs symptoms.
  • Real time information on the waiting room’s traffic.
  • Intinerary to reach the pediatric emergency ward. The medical care team is informed upon the childs arrival.
  • Real-time information about the childs position in the queue.
  • Documents describing the therapeutic measures to follow, based on the illness or trauma diagnosed in the pediatric emergency room.


The “Mon enfant est malade” application provides practical information that allows you to take care of your sick or injured child :

  • What is the illness ?
  • How to treat your child ?
  • What to do in case of an accident ?
  • When to consult a pediatrician or an emergency center?
  • When can your child go back to school ?


The “SmartHug” application offers the following services :

  • Information on consultations and visiting hours.
  • Choose the nearest emergency department to consult, except vital emergencies, and know the amount of waiting time.
  • Follow and contact the HUG on social networks.
  • Find information about health and the network in Geneva (on-call pharmacies, home emergencies, etc.)

WARNING: These mobile applications can only be used for information purposes and do not provide a medical diagnosis. If in doubt, always refer to a doctor or to the emergency department of the HUG.


The free “Stop-tabac”“Stop-alcool” and “Stop-cannabis”  applications (available on iOS and Android) offers :

  • an automatic Coach offering personalized advice and follow-up over a year
  • different indicators (number of days since quitting – money savings)
  • an evaluation of the degree of dependency
  • tips to avoid relapse and withdrawal symptoms
  • ranked in the top ten best smoking cessation apps in health magazines