Phone: 022 556 66 56
Adresse: Rue Louis-Favre 12, 1201 Genève, Suisse

L’AMIC was founded in 2010 to promote the integration of refugees and migrants in Geneva. At its origin a group of refugee women of diverse origins who have themselves experienced the conditions of exile and wish to help newcomers adapt to their host culture in order to facilitate their social and professional integration. It is primarily aimed at women, children and young people.

You will find at your disposal :

  1. A reception area for migrant women (reception, listening, orientation, administrative support, french workshops, activities …)
  2. A support for young refugees (school support, professional integration, maths and computer courses, cultural and sports activities…)
  3. A parents-children space (welcome and animation for the children on wednesday mornings)

AMIC also offers a permanent presence to answer your questions.

More informations are available on the website:


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