Housing in Geneva

You have just arrived in Geneva and receiving assistance from the Hospice général. Do you have questions about your accommodations?

This document answers the following questions:

  1. What are the different types of places you can live in Switzerland?
  2. What is the current housing situation in Geneva?
  3. What happens when I arrive in Geneva?
  4. How is life organized in a collective living center (CHC)?
  5. How do I move from a collective living center to individual housing?
  6. How do I access individual housing not covered by the Hospice général scheme if I have a type F, S or B residence permit?
  7. What costs will I have to pay in addition to rent?
  8. Who pays the rent? How much does the Hospice général contribute towards the rent?
  9. Does the Hospice général pay for Wifi, television network and telephone subscriptions?
  10. What is the Serafe fee?
  11. What are the conduct rules in your housing?

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